• The IRS knows identity theft can be frustrating and confusing for victims. When it comes to tax-related identity theft, the Internal Revenue Service wants to resolve cases as quickly as possible. The IRS has worked hard to help victims of identity theft by making improvements and shortening the time it takes to resolve these complex situations.
  • Each taxpayer’s experience will vary, depending on whether they tell the IRS they may be a tax-related identity theft victim or the agency informs them there may be have been a suspicious tax return filed with their name on it. Further, the IRS may not realize the taxpayer is an identity theft victim until their return has been processed or an audit has been initiated.
  • See IRS Identity Theft Victim Assistance: How It Works for a general outline of what you can expect.
    • You tell the IRS you may be a tax-related identity theft victim
    • The IRS tells you a suspicious return has been received with your name on it
    • Are there other steps I should take as a tax-related IDT victim?

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