Avoid 2017 Tax Return Mistakes

As you file your 2017 tax return this season, make sure you don’t fall victim to some of the easiest mistakes made each year. Math errors, misspelled names, wrong bank account numbers and omitted Social Security numbers are just a few of the errors that
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Do You Need to Take an RMD? April 1 Might Be an Important Date for You

April 1 is the last day you can take your required minimum distribution (RMD) for 2017 from your traditional IRAs. If you reached age 70½ last year, this is a big deal!

Are You a Caregiver? These Tax Breaks May Be Helpful!

Those who care for people who are sick, elderly or disabled are often up against a lot of challenges. Fortunately, there may be a handful of tax breaks that can help. They include the medical expense deduction, the Child and Dependent Care Credit, and the
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Calling the IRS? Let the Agency Know Who You Are

If you need to call the IRS this tax season, be aware that you’ll be asked to verify your identity. This is part of the IRS’s continuing effort to keep taxpayer data secure. You can help your phone call go smoothly by having the following
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A New Twist on Scams This 2018 Tax Season

The IRS urges taxpayers to beware of fake calls to return money from tax return refund checks that have been deposited in error into bank accounts. Scammers either pretend to be collection agency employees or use a recorded message threatening people to return the refund.
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More Tax Breaks Available for 2017 Tax Returns

Several tax breaks were revived for use in 2017 tax filing by last month’s federal budget bill. Among them are four you may be able to take advantage of: the tuition and fees deduction, the mortgage insurance deduction, the mortgage debt forgiveness exclusion and the
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Considering Converting Your IRA in 2018?

You won’t be able to make contributions to a Roth IRA if your income goes above a certain level. However, you do have the option to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA no matter how high your income. People often like Roth IRAs
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Emergency Funds: Why They’re Worth It

Emergency funds can be a lifesaver. Do you have extra funds saved for unexpected times? If not, it’s time to consider how much you’ll need if you fall on hard times.

Be Professional With Your Family Member Employees

If you’re considering hiring a family member, the best way to avoid problems is to keep it professional. That means hiring your relative because of their qualified skill set (not because they are struggling to find a job). Setting clear expectations and enforcing policies is
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Why Walking Away From Sunk Costs Is the Best Option

Business owners and managers can let emotions dominate the decision-making process. Instead, move past sunk costs with grace and confidence knowing it’s the smartest business decision to make.