The IRS provides a number of pages that are useful for tax preparers. These pages provide timely information to preparers on how to protect themselves from identity thieves, what are the most current tax identity schemes the IRS has become aware of, information on the current tax season, health insurance and the tax challenges for taxpayers who are participating in the shared economy.

Here are a few of the IRS pages that you may find useful during this filing season:

Security Awareness Tax Tips 

Contains helpful information on what tax preparers can do to protect their computer systems and their client’s tax information.

Tax Scams

Contains the latest information on what tax identity theft scheme and other tax scams the IRS wants preparers and taxpayers to be aware of.

The two latest tax identity theft schemes that the IRS has send news release out on are:

  1. A two-stage email scheme that allows the cybercriminal to take over a tax preparer’s computer in order to gain access to their clients’ tax return information.
  2. The W-2 scheme that has started up again that targets company payroll or human resources departments. This scheme involves an email that is in a company officers name requesting company Form W-2s be sent to them.

Protect Your Clients. Protect Yourself.

Provides news alerts, videos, publications and other related information to help educate the tax preparer on what they need to do to protect their computer system and their clients’ tax return information from cybercriminals.

Shared Economy Tax Center

Provides guidance for taxpayers who are part of the new shared economy on what they need to do in order to meet their tax obligations. Shared economy taxpayers are those who work for an auto ride sharing service such as UBER or rent out their home or apartment through Airbnb.

Fact Sheets

Provides information on the latest information that the IRS believes is the most relevant for the current filing season.

Health Care Tax Tips

Provides the latest information on how the Affordable Care Act affects taxpayers during the current filing season.