Extensions Available for 2017 Tax Returns

If you aren’t able to finish your federal income tax return by the April 17 deadline, you can still get an automatic six-month extension. Even if you file for an extension, you are required to pay any taxes you owe by the April 17th, 2018
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Don’t Fall for the “Tax-Deduction” Charity Scam

The IRS is warning taxpayers about fake charitable organizations tricking people into donating to receive tax deductions. This type of scam has made the IRS’s 2018 Dirty Dozen scam list. These scammers attempt to attract donations from unsuspecting people by using a charitable reason and
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Important April 17, 2018 Tax Deadlines

As you prepare for tax day, remember that the following are due on April 17:

If You Donated Money to Charity in 2017, You Need These Records

If you plan on deducting charitable contributions on your 2017 tax return, you’ll need to have certain records. Gifts by check or credit/debit card must have written documentation showing the contribution amount and date, as well as the name of the charitable organization you gave
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3 Reasons Why Your Child Should (or Shouldn’t) Have Life Insurance

Should you carry life insurance on your children? Read on to learn the most common considerations when making this decision.

GONE: Unreimbursed Expenses Deduction for Employees

If you’re an employee who has deducted unreimbursed job expenses in the past, know that this deduction is now no longer available under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. However, employers can consider reimbursing employees directly for the cost of expenses like tools, uniforms, travel
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BBB Shred Day in Columbia, MO April 21st, 2018

This year’s BBB Shred Day is Saturday, April 21, in the Office Depot Parking Lot at 111 South Providence in Columbia. Consumers can shred up to three boxes of documents from 9 a.m. to noon. BBB asks that consumers use bags or boxes that can
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Here’s a Roundup of Your Nontaxable Income in 2018

Good news – there are a lot of revenue sources that aren’t taxed. You may have an idea of what they are, but here’s a quick list to review.

Putting Your Tax Refund Into a Retirement Account? Read This

Considering depositing your tax refund into your retirement account? Make sure no snafus happen along the way. Read more.

Avoid 2017 Tax Return Mistakes

As you file your 2017 tax return this season, make sure you don’t fall victim to some of the easiest mistakes made each year. Math errors, misspelled names, wrong bank account numbers and omitted Social Security numbers are just a few of the errors that
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