What services can a CPA offer for the general public?

Services for the general public:

What services can a CPA offer for tax payers?

Services for tax payers:

What services can a CPA offer for business owners?

Services for business owners:

How can you get the most value from a CPAs services?

CPAs do not all provide the same range of services,

What Do CPAs Charge?

CPAs normally base their fees on the time required to perform the services you request.

What qualifications should I look for?

Before you select a tax, accounting, or personal financial advisor, make sure you consider the following questions:

How do I find a CPA?

Referrals from friends, neighbors, and coworkers are one of the best ways of locating CPA.

Who needs a CPA?

If you believe that only the rich and famous need the services of a certified public accountant (CPA), think again.